Financial Transparency

Why it’s important to us

When distributing funds to our partners in SE Asia we often ask ourselves “Are we being transparent with how we spend this money?” When you have the task of using donated dollars to accomplish what God has called you to do, it’s important to focus on financial transparency. Each dollar of support represents sacrifice from participants and donors as well as a potential for our partners, so we distribute these funds honestly and effectively.

financial transparency

Our call to financial transparency comes from many sources but we resonate the most with the apostle Paul’s words, “We take pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of men” (2 Cor. 8:21, NIV).

We desire to be transparent about our finances so participants, donors, and sponsors can see exactly where the money goes and how the initiatives work.

Here are two ways we achieve financial transparency

A mere 8% of our operating budget is spent on administrative costs, things like office space, salaries, technology, and marketing. What’s really amazing about this number, 8%, is that it’s completely (that means totally) covered by a team of generous businesses, what we like to call our Basecamp. Your donated dollars do not ever pay for the desks we sit at, the paychecks we take home or our marketing budgets.

We spend 92% of our operating budget on the projects and programs that you believe in – feeding programs, anti-trafficking initiatives, discipleship, and education. When you give to Venture, this is the bucket that your donated dollars fall into. Because of our Basecamp, we’re able to put your donated dollars to work doing the most good in the lives of some of the least reached, least resourced people in the world.

Financial Transparency

We are committed to financial transparency so that you can participate in Venture with confidence. You might even call us an open book. Every year we publish an Annual Report that shows you exactly how we spend our money. We encourage financial questions because knowledgeable donors will find Venture doing the best to engage everyone in God’s story of justice.

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