Washington Run

Trip Overview

Ditch the bike and grab the neon running shoes for Venture’s most beautiful – and most challenging – tour this summer.

It’s ten days, one hundred miles, and goes through three states and two countries! It’s the first ever Washington State Run, and you can be a part of the inaugural team.

After meeting the team for training in Vancouver, British Columbia, you’ll drive to start this unique relay. Each day, you’ll join three or four teammates to run three separate segments of 5 to 7 miles per day; in between runs, you’ll stretch, cheer on your teammates, and learn about the work Venture does in Southeast Asia.

Don’t be intimidated by the mileage! As you run at a relaxed pace, you and your teammates will pray for the people you’re running for every mile. And in between prayers, you’ll have nothing to do but tell stories, laugh at each other’s jokes, and enjoy the camaraderie and community that can only come from running together for miles and hours on end.

You’ll finish in Portland, having covered the entire state of Washington – majestic, mountainous, breathtaking Washington – by the end.

And as you meet your fundraising goal prior to departing, you’ll inspire your community to actively engage with you in the redemptive and beautiful story of justice and hope that God is writing right here, and right now, through Venture Mission in Southeast Asia.

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Nicole Penner

Runner 2013 & 2014

I experienced a reliance on God so deep and so beautiful on tour that I came back a completely different person.

Trip Details


July 14 – July 23, 2017

Fundraising Goal:

$2,000 Minimum




10 Days


Vancouver, BC – Portland, OR

Fly In/Out:



Training Guide, Fundraising Guide, Equipment List, FAQ

Itinerary & Map

Stories From Participants

Nicole Penner

Runner 2014 & 15

“I experienced a reliance on God so deep and so beautiful on tour that I came back a completely different person.”

I first heard about Venture in 2013 from a group of people who ran across Minnesota the summer before. My first thought was that they were crazy. My second thought was that I had to do this.

Being a part of Venture has changed my life in so many ways. I went on tour wanting to join the fight and help in changing the lives of people in need in Southeast Asia, and we definitely did that. But what I experienced even more was God changing my own life. I experienced a reliance on God so deep and so beautiful on tour that I came back a completely different person. You truly do gain when you give yourself to the work of the Kingdom.

My second summer, I had the honor to participate in a tour and lead a tour. The Venture community is amazing. Everyone has a heart to serve and a weirdness that you have to experience to understand. Venture has become a part of me, and I want to invite the people I meet in life to join the family of committed and crazy Jesus followers.

The Cause

Everyone Deserves to Hear the Gospel

Venture partners with local communities to bring food security, education, discipleship, and the gospel to the least reached and most vulnerable people in the world.

We engage religious leaders, local governments, community members, and partner non-profits to meet the most pressing needs in remote, conflict-ridden, and desperate regions.

The Washington Run tour will specifically raise money to fund our refugee feeding programs in Southeast Asia, which is home to the world’s longest-running civil war. This war has displaced over 4 million people from their homes, hundreds of thousands of whom still live in Internally Displaced Person (IDP) or refugee camps in the region.

Venture works within the most remote and hardest-struck refugee regions in Southeast Asia to provide nutritious food for the people living in these camps. Through a partnership with Feed My Starving Children, we provide hundreds of thousands of meals every year to refugee camps in Southeast Asia.

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Bee Kay


We make one pack last 9 meals; we stretch them out to make them last longer. My grandchildren think it is very delicious. My three grandchildren live with me because the army killed my son. So I am now responsible for them. We can’t grow food because we are always fleeing from the war.

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