You aren’t alone: Hundreds of cyclists have ridden their bicycles across the country on a Venture tour, and 100% of them signed up without knowing if they’d really be able to do it.

“How do I train? Where will I sleep? Won’t my butt hurt so much?” They’ve all had the same questions you do.
But each of these cyclists overcame their fears, and with some encouragement, resources, and training, they all successfully rode their bike from coast-to-coast and raised thousands of dollars while doing it. 


The Top 8 Reasons To Ride Your Bike Across America On A Venture Bicycle Tour

top 8 reasons to bike across america

1. See America on A Bike with a Community of New Friends

How cool would it be to dip your bicycle tire in the Pacific Ocean, cycle straight across an entire continent, and end with a celebration in the Atlantic Ocean? By the time you’re done riding your bike up mountains, across plains, and through big cities, you’ll have cycled over 4,000 miles and crossed 13 state lines, experiencing America the best way possible: by bike.

2. Grow in Your Relationship With God

Life is fast, crazy, busy, and overwhelming. On a bike tour, you’ll have long hours to simply ride, pray, and hear from God. Whether in small group discipleship discussions at the end of the day, or in the quiet moments of reading and reflection, you’ll have more time to get refreshed, refocused, and excited about your growing spiritual life than you do in everyday life.

3. Raise Thousands of Dollars for Refugee Care

Before and during your bike ride Across America, you’ll raise thousands of dollars to support Venture’s missions programs in Southeast Asia. Venture recently provided 10,000,000 meals to refugees through our partnership with Feed My Starving Children, and since 2010, the money raised on Venture cross-country bicycle tours has single-handedly supported The Hosea Center, and numerous youth have come to know Christ as a result.

4. Have a Great Adventure and Become a Great Storyteller

“All of the sudden, a herd of wild llamas started chasing our bikes….” This isn’t the craziest thing that’s ever happened on a cross-country bike tour, and you’re guaranteed to have dozens of fantastic stories to share with your friends and family when you return.

5. Become a Cycling Expert While Cycling Across Thirteen States

While riding your bike across the country, you’ll need to adjust derailleurs, clean cassettes, and perfectly align your quick release levers. Don’t know what any of that means? That’s okay! You’ll become a basic bike mechanic by the time you reach the East Coast, and you’ll be ready to handle any minor bike repairs on your own.

6. Overcome an Incredible Challenge for a Cause Bigger Than Yourself

A bicycle tour isn’t just a vacation: You’ll spend long, grueling days riding your bike up hills, around extreme terrain, and through quickly changing weather. You’ll learn the value of physical sacrifice for a cause bigger than yourself. As you celebrate with your teammates at the end of the ride, you’ll cherish the incredible accomplishment you all made together.

7. Get Fit on a Bike While Eating Whatever you Want

Ever heard of Oreo-o-clock? You have now, and you’ll celebrate it nearly every day on your cross-country bicycle tour. You’ll eat Oreos – and whatever other food you want to – anytime you want. Sure, you’ll also eat delicious, wholesome, and healthy food while riding your bike across the country, but when else in your life will there be an opportunity to eat twelve Oreo cookies per day and still get in the best shape of your life? (Hint: Never. The answer is never.)

8. Make New Friends While Bicycling for a Cause

The tour doesn’t end when you reach the coast: Your teammates will be friends for life. No, really: In the last 8 years, 16 Venture cyclists and runners have met their future spouse on a Venture bicycle or running tour. Even if you don’t find life-long love, you will join a group of friends that will become extended family well after your cross-country cycling tour is complete.

top 8 reasons to bike across america

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