Q&A with Esther Dixon on her 40th Birthday Challenge

We chatted with Esther Dixon, a valued Venture community member about her big challenge she is taking on for her 40th birthday.

Tell us a bit about your family.

My husband Bjorn and I have been married for 15 years. We met at college where I was his German tutor ☺. I grew up in Germany and came to the United States to go to school when I was 21. We have three kids – our identical twin daughters Liana and Amaya, who are 9, and our 7-year old son Lennox. He came home to us from Ethiopia when he was 3. Aside from pastoring our amazing church, we are also in the process of becoming foster parents to medically fragile children and are looking forward to our next adventure together as a family.

What inspired you to begin partnering with Venture?

I’ve come to love endurance sports, specifically triathlon, over the last few years. As my distances (and the time I spent training) increased, I wanted to find a way to make my miles matter. Having spent time in Ethiopia during and since our adoption, I had a passion for people living in extreme poverty and for vulnerable women and children. Venture was the perfect fit. It allows me to make a positive impact in the lives of some of the least resourced people in the world – by doing something I am already doing: endurance sport.

What events have you already partnered with Venture on and how much have you raised through those endeavors?

Every campaign I’ve done with Venture ended up being such an encouragement to me and my faith.

I partnered with Venture for my first Ironman 70.3 last June in Madison, Wisconsin. My goal was to raise a $1,000. I enjoyed my experience so much that I decided to join Team Venture for the Twin Cities Marathon, running my first marathon last October. My goal was to raise $750 for that event. My friends and family were amazing and helped me surpass my goal both times, raising just over $2,000 combined.

Tell us about your next epic adventure to celebrate your 40th birthday.

For my 40th birthday, I was looking for a physical and mental challenge I had never done before. A mountaineering trip had been on my bucket list for several years, and this seemed like the perfect occasion to do it. So this summer, I will join 5 other mountaineers and 2 mountain guides for a faith-based excursion in the Swiss Alps. During our week-long trek, we are planning to summit at least four 4,000 meter peaks (12,000-13,000 feet). We’ll be carrying our gear for the week and spending the nights at high altitude in small mountain huts. Even in August, we’ll be climbing mostly on snow, glaciers, and ice – on a route that is said to be one of the most spectacular ways to see the Alps. My goal is to raise $4,000 for Venture’s anti-trafficking work in Nepal.

What’s it like to be married, a mom of three and to take on these challenges?

Between being a mom, a pastor’s wife, and soon a foster mom, I spent a lot of my time taking care of others, which I consider a great blessing and a joy! However, the time I spent training gives my life some needed balance. I’ve come to treasure the solitude of running, biking, swimming and hiking – just me, God, and the open road!

How has engaging with Venture impacted you?

Partnering with Venture has brought two of my greatest passions together – endurance sports and caring for the poor and marginalized. Venture has given meaning to something I already enjoy doing.

It’s been so much fun to see how many people from all different walks of life and faith have chosen to take part in my campaigns. People love becoming involved in a good cause! The very generous gifts I have received from friends have also inspired me to be more generous in my own giving.

Every campaign I’ve done with Venture ended up being such an encouragement to me and my faith.


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