Ride for Nepal

Trip Details


May 17-26

Fundraising Goal:

$3,000 Minimum




10 Days


Monterey, CA – San Diego, CA

Fly In/Out:


App Deadline:

March 15, 2018. Cyclists are encouraged to apply early!

Trip Overview

You’ll join your team in the beachside town of Monterey, California, and make your way down the remote and breathtaking coastal hills (and mountains!) of Big Sur National Park. Coastal weather is decidedly extreme: one day you’ll watch the sunrise in your warmest rain gear; the next, you’ll be jumping off cliffs into the temperate Pacific Ocean or hidden coastal waterfalls.

There’s bound to be long, challenging days in the saddle, but the whimsical, sunny, joyous spirit you and your teammates bring will make you forget the pains and challenges upon each day’s end.

After navigating crazy Los Angeles, enjoying the hospitality of our partners down the coast, and spending nearly every evening at the beach, we’ll finish by riding our bikes to Love Does Headquarters in San Diego and celebrate our 500 mile journey together.

And as you meet your fundraising goal prior to departing, you’ll inspire your community to actively engage with you in the redemptive and beautiful story of justice and hope that God is writing right here, and right now, through Venture and Love Does.

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If you have questions or would like to chat with the tour director, please connect with Jeremy at tours@venture.org.

Ryann Smith

Love Does 2018

I cannot say enough good things about my experience on the Love Does Tour. It has unexpectedly changed my life. Pushing my mind and body out of it’s comfort zone for the sake of others has been my most rewarding experience thus far.

Itinerary & Map

FridayMay 17Arrival
SaturdayMay 18Training Ride in Monterey23
SundayMay 19Big Sur34
MondayMay 20Cambria72
TuesdayMay 21Lompoc90
WednesdayMay 22Port Hueneme97
ThursdayMay 23Costa Mesa110
FridayJune 24San Diego89
SaturdayJune 25San Diego-Team Debrief
SundayJune 26Departure
Total Miles516

The Cause

Everyone Deserves to Be Safe

Ride for Nepal will raise funds for education projects in Nepal through the work of both Venture and Love Does.

Venture partners with Lighthouse Foundation Nepal to bring safe housing, education, discipleship, and the gospel to vulnerable children.

Love Does runs an orphanage in Nepal, currently housing 5 girls who now get a safe home, and an education.

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Love Does’ goal is to try to change a few lives for the better. We fight for freedom and human rights, work to improve educational opportunities, and try to be helpful to those in need of a voice and a friend.

Stories From Participants

Jason Chang

Love Does 2017

“The Love Does tour was a great experience! The tour provided an opportunity for like-minded people – people who love Jesus, care about justice issues, and like riding bikes – to come together to pursue a common goal.”

Out of this, a kind of “insta-community” was born. And through the many miles, meals, and minutes together we shared our stories with one another, forming that community into something more solid than just common interests. It was so great to see each member of our group be able to contribute their own gifts and confirm the gifts of another. And we are still growing that community after the tour.

The tour, for me, was many things. I was a physical challenge, and I was happy to see my training pay off in being able to accomplish the little milestones and the big goal of arriving at our destination.

It was a mental challenge – to think through and push through different forms of discomfort (on the bike, in being vulnerable with others, in having no private space/time) and to ponder big thoughts (about our place in the world, our role in God’s community, the merit of our efforts).

It was also a spiritual challenge, providing an opportunity outside of our normal lives to listen for God’s voice, to learn his heart for others, and to see how I might continue to act in his world. And it was really fun! I loved having little other obligation for the day than to arrive at a destination for lunch or dinner, allowing time for stopping to see a beautiful new place, slowing up the pace to engage in conversation, or lingering at a rest stop to play with the super soaker.

It’s still hard for me to say that I made such a big difference by going on tour, but it is my hope that I made a small one. I feel like the experience made a difference in me, as a follower of Jesus who wants to do the things he did, and in my relationships with others, having been able to experience the tour with my spouse and meet so many new friends.

I believe that the funds that were raised by our riding will make a difference to those who receive it and to those who gave it, reminding us all that we are part of a bigger community in this world. And being a part of Venture gives me a bit more of a platform from which to continue talking about tese important global issues from, in order to keep raising awareness and action.

Megan Garber

Love Does 2015

“I’ve believed in God for a long time. And I’ve trusted him with major decisions in my life. But I’ve never felt closer to him than when I was biking through the mountains of Big Sur marveling at his creation.”

Our tour leaders said that we would be tested and challenged on tour. And I thought I was ready for it. But no amount of training could have prepared me for how on fire my heart felt for the Lord as I biked through California. Being on your bike with a group of strangers completely surrounded by God’s creation is an adventure. And I can say without a doubt, that it has been my favorite one in my life thus far. Venture Expeditions and the Love Does Tour showed me how real and big our heavenly father is. And for that, I will forever be grateful.

Karlie Ray

Love Does 2016

“There’s something amazing about sacrificing your time, pushing your physical limits, and conquering your mind to the ultimate bring that I’ve only experienced while on a Venture tour.”

My Venture tours have taught me so much about what it means to be a better human. I’ve learned how to listen deeper, ask for forgiveness, and how laughter makes life so much better. I can’t imagine a summer without a tour and the community only bicycles has provided. Tour has given me friendships for a lifetime.

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