There’s never been a more critical time in our history to respond to the needs of the poor and the oppressed than now. Your investment today to provide COVID-19 relief ensures that we will be able to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of some of the most vulnerable that we serve. We are grateful for your support.

can provide 2,280 meals a year.
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Can provide holistic care for 1 year.

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The impact of COVID-19 on our work
We know that in times of crises like this, the marginalized are exponentially impacted. We are committed to serving in these tough places during this tough time.


In addition to the toll that COVID-19 is placing on this region, there has been an increase in military conflict, which has led to further displacement from homes and refugee movement to avoid the violence. This means more people desperately need food, shelter, safety, and the hope of the Gospel.

Currently, there have been many obstacles to delivering food to those who need it the most. We are working with our partners to ensure that we get hope and supplies to those who need it most, during this extremely difficult season. Your giving is more important than ever to make this possible.


The Venture Team in Thailand is currently on complete lockdown, along with all the residents of the region. This has created difficulty in being able to respond to the urgent needs in the region, as Thailand is our international hub for our food program throughout the region. 

Chiang Mai, Thailand consistently has the some of the worst air quality on the planet. This, in conjunction with COVID-19, makes all residents (and our team) increasingly vulnerable to illness. Please join us in praying for the health of our team, and clarity of direction as they are responding to a very difficult situation.


As with the other countries that we serve in this region, Nepal is under full lockdown. As part of this lockdown, the government has temporarily closed our safe-houses. Our partners have developed an individual safety plan for every resident of the homes. We are so proud of the work they are doing, but this major pivot creates levels of instability and increased risk and vulnerability for the children we serve.

In addition to the shelter in place rules for the entire country, Nepal has also closed its borders. This means that the work of the Border Patrol Station has shifted during this time, as well. The young girls who have been recently intercepted at the border are safe and cared for. In addition, we will continue to financially support the rescued women employed by the Border Patrol Stations, so that as soon as the borders reopen they will continue to be the frontline of defense in the fight against trafficking. Please pray for the safety of those we serve through safe housing, border patrol stations, and our education programs in Nepal.

Even as all of these changes are impacting the work we are doing in Nepal, the Gospel continues to shine brighter than ever. We receive daily updates through photos and emails of Easter services that happened in new churches that have been planted, new believers being baptized, and imprisoned pastors being set free. The Gospel is powerful and moving forward. Your financial investment during this critical time helps ensure the continued safety of the women and children we serve as well as the unprecedented spread of the Gospel in some of the most remote places.

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