California Coast

California Coast

Trip Overview

Love Has Fun, Love Rides Bikes, and Love Does.

You’ll join your team in the beachside town of Monterey, California, and make your way down the remote and breathtaking coastal hills (and mountains!) of Big Sur National Park. Coastal weather is decidedly extreme: one day you’ll watch the sunrise in your warmest rain gear; the next, you’ll be jumping off cliffs into the temperate Pacific Ocean or hidden coastal waterfalls.

There’s bound to be long, challenging days in the saddle (including one day of 115 miles and over 5,000 feet of elevation gain!), but the whimsical, sunny, joyous spirit you and your teammates bring will make you forget the pains and challenges upon each day’s end.

After navigating crazy Los Angeles, enjoying the hospitality of our partners down the coast, and spending nearly every evening at the beach, we’ll finish by riding our bikes off Bob Goff’s dock into the intracoastal waterway in San Diego and celebrate our 500 mile journey together.

And as you meet your fundraising goal prior to departing, you’ll inspire your community to actively engage with you in the redemptive and beautiful story of justice and hope that God is writing right here, and right now, through the Restore International’s social justice, education, and rescue programs around the world.

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If you have questions or would like to chat with the tour director, please connect with Jeremy at

Molly Holder

Love Does 2016

The Love Does Tour was life changing for me. I was intimidated by my inexperience with cycling, but the welcoming, accepting, and overall teamwork and friendship almost immediately erased all of my fears. We encountered the beauty of creation and the beauty of life in and with the Creator, in and with each other. And that was life-changing for me.

Trip Details


May 25 – June 3, 2018

Fundraising Goal:

$3,250 Minimum




10 Days


Monterey, CA – San Diego, CA

Fly In/Out:


Application Deadline:

March 15, 2018. Cyclists are encouraged to apply early!

Itinerary & Map

SundayMay 21Arrival
MondayMay 22Training Ride in Monterey20
TuesdayMay 23Big Sur37
WednesdayMay 24Cambria72.3
ThursdayMay 25Pismo52.1
FridayMay 26Buellton/Solvang56.9
SaturdayMay 27Malibu118
SundayMay 28San Clemente91.9
MondayMay 29San Diego64.9
TuesdayMay 30Departure
Total Miles513.1

Stories From Participants

Karlie Ray

Love Does 2014

“I’ve believed in God for a long time. And I’ve trusted him with major decisions in my life. But I’ve never felt closer to him than when I was biking through the mountains of Big Sur marveling at his creation.”

Our tour leaders said that we would be tested and challenged on tour. And I thought I was ready for it. But no amount of training could have prepared me for how on fire my heart felt for the Lord as I biked through California. Being on your bike with a group of strangers completely surrounded by God’s creation is an adventure. And I can say without a doubt, that it has been my favorite one in my life thus far. Venture Expeditions and the Love Does Tour showed me how real and big our heavenly father is. And for that, I will forever be grateful.

Seth Haugen

Love Does 2017

“There’s something amazing about sacrificing your time, pushing your physical limits, and conquering your mind to the ultimate bring that I’ve only experienced while on a Venture tour.”

On my Venture tours, God awakened my passion to help people around the world that are victims of social injustice, and He worked to break down the walls that I build around myself relationally and physically. While riding across the country, God solidified my belief that he has a purpose for each person he has created, and I learned so much about unconditional love through my teammates and the churches that hosted us.

Regina Stoer

Love Does 2015

“I went on tour. And I learned: I can move. I can act spontaneously and possibly even irrationally at times in order to live well. I can love the people around me without restraint or insecurity. I can push myself. I can engage my fears…”

Before I went on tour, I had been challenged to engage conflict and press into the things I fear. I have a monumental fear of failing at something I set out to do. If I sign up for anything, I want to do it very well or not at all. It’s terribly limiting, but somehow, I jumped on board for this wild cycling thing without really thinking about it.

Basically, I challenged myself to a duel. 500 miles. Mountains. Strangers. Mountains. Old heavy bicycle. Mountains. There was definitely room for failure. Mostly the failure would be in my own head, but we typically hold ourselves to the highest standards anyhow, right?

The good news about legitimately facing fear is that it never wins. Most things that we dread never enter reality, and if they do it’s under different circumstances than we presuppose.

And so I went on tour. And I learned:

I can move. I can act spontaneously and possibly even irrationally at times in order to live well. I can love the people around me without restraint or insecurity. I can push myself. I can engage my fears. I can do what I want to do. I can be passionate. I can be bold. I can be humble. I can be wrong. I can fail. I can bank on grace and be unafraid to try.

In spite of the odds and the fears and the failures and the feels, we can go out there and pursue it. Life doesn’t have to be lived perfectly, it just needs to be lived, and we’ll typically learn a lot more when we’re moving than we will sitting still.

The Cause

Everyone Deserves to Be Safe


India – Bob Goff founded Restore International in 2004 after a trip to India in which he witnessed atrocious human rights violations being committed against women and girls. Since then, we have rescued and rehabilitated minor girls forced into prostitution, led investigations into brothels and slave-labor camps, and brought the perpetrators committing these crimes to justice.

Uganda – We expanded our work with sexually abused and exploited girls to Uganda in 2006, where we currently have two safehouses. Once released, the girls are placed in quality aftercare homes. Each girl receives professional counseling, and we follow up on the criminal cases until violators are brought to justice.


Uganda – What started as a handful of students in a one-room school-house is now Restore Leadership Academy, a boarding school with over 300 students and 35 teachers in Gulu, Uganda. The school provides a family-like setting for many children without families or support, and students attend at a reduced or free rate through Restore’s scholarship program, Engage.

Iraq – Restore’s English Language School is an after-school program for 70 low-income or orphaned students who would otherwise be spending their afternoons running around in the streets. In the middle of a war-torn area, we provide a safe, nurturing place for these students to grow and thrive.


Nepal – For the last few years, we’ve been dreaming of opening an orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal. Nepal ranks high on the list of most impoverished countries, and the existence of a caste system makes life difficult for many. We wanted to open a home for young, orphaned girls to actually experience what it’s like to be welcomed into a family and loved like one as well.

In September of this 2014, these dreams became a reality! We opened the Restore Nepal Orphanage, which is now home to five incredible little girls. Throughout the year we will continue to bring in more girls until we have a family of 10! At the orphanage, the girls receive quality healthcare, clothing, food, and shelter, and attend a private school nearby.

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Love Does’ goal is to try to change a few lives for the better. We fight for freedom and human rights, work to improve educational opportunities, and try to be helpful to those in need of a voice and a friend.

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